Statement on Sexual Harassment in Politics and new Code of Conduct

Statement from Jessica Yas Barker, President of the Board

San Fernando Valley Young Democrats

For Immediate Release
October 23, 2017

Contact: [email protected]

Like many of you, my Board and I have read the flood of stories about sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace that have resulted from the #MeToo campaign on social media. While it is jarring to see women who we encounter in everyday life- many of them friends and colleagues- share their experiences, this most recent outcry has caused even more pause and self-reflection as it has come from our very own California political community.  

The recent We Said Enough letter, signed by almost 150 of California’s top political women, hits at the core of an industry where so many of us dedicate our careers and personal lives. The waters have been stirred. Women are continuing to speak out against the pervasive culture of harassment that has been left unchecked for far too long. We recognize that it is difficult to come forward and that it comes with a great fear of professional and personal exposure.

Just know the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats hear you, we see you, and we support you.

We are working with activists across California to advocate for changes to protocol around how sexual harassment and abuse is reported. Many things must be addressed, including whistleblower rules, protection from retaliation, how public monies are used to hide offenses, and the creation of an independent review body to address complaints.

If you need a confidential place to access resources or support please contact [email protected] . To share your story or to sign onto the We Said Enough letter please go to

As a proud chapter of California Young Democrats, we want to exemplify the values of the Party. This starts at home. In order to promote a safe space for all club members, friends of the club, and allies, we have created a new code of conduct policy to address sexual harassment and discrimination specifically. Violation of this code can and will result in removal from club membership, leadership positions, and events. This is only a first step. Within each of us is the power to change the culture of politics and the manner in which women are treated.

SFVYD Says Enough.

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  • Jessica Yas Barker