Dear Democrats,

In the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas over the weekend, we’ve all had a lot to digest. I personally know someone who suffered a gunshot wound and is currently recovering in hospital. He was with a young woman from my hometown who passed away. She was a mother to three kids.

We’re all reeling and seeking answers. Nevertheless, I agree with the trending sentiment that "thoughts and prayers" are starting to sound like an ineffectual platitude which takes the place of real action on gun control.

For that reason, SFVYD wanted to avoid falling into that same rut, posting condolences on our social media platforms but seemingly helpless to do much else. It's a strange situation for California Democrats, who are overwhelmingly pro-gun control and whose elected officials have, by and large, abided by those values by enacting some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation.

We felt it was more meaningful to make a statement through action by donating to one of the foremost activist organizations in the country on this issue, the Brady Campaign (link text: The Brady Campaign takes a three-pronged approach to fighting gun violence: they seek to change gun laws, change the gun industry, and change the culture around gun ownership.

We owe it to the people of not only Las Vegas, but Orlando, Newtown, and countless other American cities, to take action against these atrocities. You can do the same today by donating to the Brady Campaign. Click here:

The San Fernando Valley Young Democrats will continue our fight for sensible gun control laws not only in our home state, but in neighboring states, by leading by example and continuing this important conversation.

Thanks for your continued support and engagement. The SFVYD Board looks forward to seeing you out in the field soon.


Jessica Yas Barker

SFVYD President

Jessica Yas Barker


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