SFVYD is pleased to introduce an exciting opportunity for YD clubs that are small or in red districts... with big plans.

We know that small clubs or clubs in red districts can become larger and very active clubs with just a little moxie, a lot of hard work, and a vision for success... but a little seed money doesn't hurt.

So if your organization has an event in mind,  SFVYD will be providing clubs and organizations with ‘mentoring grants’ - funding to help clubs expand their organization's membership and presence through campaigns, club building, projects, events, and GOTV; and mentoring through advice, training, and education from our current and former leaders on how to accomplish their goals. This grants program is intended to support clubs that need support for their events, especially in red districts where support is hard to find.

Grants from $50-$250 are available for clubs with a specific project in mind, and a plan for growth.

To qualify, applicants must fill out the application form below to the best of their ability by a qualifying date (NOTE: We are currently in the process of establishing a new date for the next application process). SFVYD will then chose recipients of the mentoring grants based on a number of criteria including (but not limited to) the proposal, proximity, need, commitment, and goals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Grants Director Sean Rivas.

Will you answer a few questions?

Please provide an address for your organization's Facebook or website.